about us

The Shiners is an ecologically conscious cleaning company based out of SW Portland that specializes in all natural, deep detail cleaning. To us, cleaning is more than simply tidying up, it is an art. We believe that a clean and organized environment promotes focus and relaxation while nurturing a positive flow of energy. When we decided to start The Shiners our goal was to use solutions that are safe for us, our clients and the environment. We became weary of conventional cleaning products available to us so we had to create our own. Our cleaners are free of chemicals, dyes and synthetic fragrances. We strongly believe in cleaning with home made solutions and sharing them with our customers. We use four handmade solutions containing simple ingredients such as essential oils, castile soap and vinegar.  Our goal as The Shiners is to unveil the mask of “green cleaning” by going back to basic, all natural, effective ingredients. Our fresh products combined with our instinctual eye for cleanliness and order is sure to leave your home looking spotless and smelling sublime!

We are insured

The shiners do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender or sexual orientation.

the after shine

Along with our immaculate cleaning service we also offer an energy balancing cleanse. This feature is free of charge and completely optional. The After Shine is a final touch to the true cleanliness of your space. It serves to rid your environment of stagnant energy and allows for a more positive free flowing atmosphere. Your home is your sanctuary; a place for you to feel relaxed, safe and worry free. Our goal is to cleanse your space as we might cleanse our own: with purpose, intention and love.